Pleasant Springs Salt Savers Pilot Project

Pleasant Springs Sanitary District has entered into a water softener salt savers program with Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. 

This program gives residents of the District a chance to have their water softeners evaluated for efficiency by a qualified/trained provider.  Residents will receive a $75 rebate for this evaluation/optimization of their existing water softener.

If the softener is deemed a “clunker” you will receive a $200 rebate off the installation of a new efficient water softener.  Keep in mind, the new softener must meet the efficiency rating of 4,000 grains per pound.

Click here for more information on the program – Salt Savors Pilot Project Overview – Pleasant Springs Sanitary District

Click here for a list of trained softener service providers

Click here to evaluate your water softener

You might ask why is Pleasant Springs Sanitary District doing this?  Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is concerned about the levels of Chloride (salt) in the wastewater coming to their plant for treatment.  Pleasant Springs Sanitary District’s sewage is treated by Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.  If we can reduce chloride entering Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District for treatment by updating and making sure our water softeners are running efficiently, then Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District will not have to update their plant to remove the chloride from wastewater before it is discharged back into the freshwater streams.  If Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District has to update their plant to remove the high levels of chloride, it will cost us all more in user fees.  Let’s do our part and make sure our water softeners are running efficiently!

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